BOOM Esports Wins Champion in PMSL SEA Spring 2024

Consistent Journey to Victory

BOOM Esports started their journey in PMSL SEA Spring 2024 with strong determination and a mature strategy. Since the first day of the Grand Final, this team has shown consistent performance. Even though they only finished second on the first day, they did not lose enthusiasm and continued to improve their game in the following days.

On the second day, BOOM Esports managed to take the top position in the standings after winning several matches with Winner Winner Chicken Dinner (WWCD). This success is not only due to the players’ individual abilities, but also due to solid teamwork and mature strategies in each match.

The third day was a challenge in itself for BOOM Esports, because the other teams started to play more aggressively and tried to catch up on points. However, with calm and high focus, BOOM Esports was able to maintain their position at the top of the standings until the end of the Grand Final. Consistency and mental toughness are the main keys to their victory in this competition.

With a total of 179 points, BOOM Esports outperformed other strong teams such as Alter Ego Ares and Talon Esports. This success not only brought them to the top of the standings, but also confirmed BOOM Esports’ name as one of the best PUBG Mobile teams in Southeast Asia.

Dominate in the Grand Final

BOOM Esports showed extraordinary performance in the PMSL SEA Spring 2024 Grand Final which took place from March 15 to 17 in Samut Prakan, Thailand. Facing the 15 best teams from all over Southeast Asia, BOOM Esports showed their dominance with brilliant strategies and very high playing skills.

Over the three days of competition, BOOM Esports consistently collected points from eliminations and high final placings. They managed to win several matches with Winner Winner Chicken Dinner (WWCD), which provided significant additional points. On the second day, they overtook Yoodo Alliance and took over the top of the standings, a position they maintained until the end of the tournament.

The final points collected by BOOM Esports were 179, far above Alter Ego Ares who was in second place with 170 points and Talon Esports in third place with 147 points. Not only relying on elimination, they also show strong defensive abilities and correct tactical decisions in every game. The combination of high eliminations and consistent placings puts them ahead of other competitors.

This victory not only shows BOOM Esports’ dominance at regional level, but also strengthens their reputation as one of the strongest PUBG Mobile teams in Southeast Asia. This success paves the way for them to compete in the 2024 PUBG Mobile Global Open (PMGO), bringing pride to the Indonesian esports community and confirming their position at the top of the competition.

Hadiah dan Tiket ke PMGO 2024

BOOM Esports’ victory in PMSL SEA Spring 2024 brought them not only the championship trophy but also a number of awards and great opportunities. As champions, BOOM Esports took home the main prize of USD 40,400, an award commensurate with their efforts and hard work throughout the tournament. This prize provides a significant financial boost for the team to continue to develop and compete at the highest level​.

Apart from cash prizes, this win also gives BOOM Esports a golden ticket to participate in PUBG Mobile Global Open (PMGO) 2024. The PMGO 2024 event will be an international stage where the best teams from all over the world will compete for the title of world champion. This opportunity is a big step for BOOM Esports to show their abilities at a global level and make Indonesia’s name better known in the world of esports.

Participation in PMGO 2024 also provides BOOM Esports with a platform to learn and adapt to the playing styles of teams from various countries, enriching their experience and strengthening team strategies. With the right preparation and dedication, BOOM Esports has a great opportunity to shine on the international stage and cement their status as one of the best PUBG Mobile teams in the world​.