Taufik Hidayat

Taufik Hidayat Starts to Guide Ginting and Christie

Taufik Hidayat now has a longer time to guide Anthony Sinisuka Ginting and Jonatan Christie towards the 2024 Paris Olympics. He can meet more intensively.
Since being announced as a member of the 2024 Paris Olympics Ad Hoc team by PBSI on January 8, Taufik has not had the chance to meet Ginting and Jonathan in person. The Indonesian men’s singles legend must first settle his personal matters outside Jakarta.

“It just so happened that yesterday, from the start I was going to enter, I couldn’t maximize it here because I had activities that were not in Jakarta but outside the city,” said Taufik when they met at the PBSI National Training Center, Cipayung, on Tuesday (27/2/2024).

“Now it’s finished, so it’s ready to go down. Hopefully there are only a few months left and it can be maximized,” he continued.

Unfortunately, Jonathan and Ginting were scheduled to go to France early for the adaptation process, before appearing at the French Open and All England on Wednesday (28/2). Taufik doesn’t want to worry too much about this issue.

“You can go home later when you leave? No one is late. After all, they are not small children either, they already understand, especially since this is not the first Olympics for Jonathan and Ginting,” he said.

“They have participated before, especially as Ginting has already won a medal too, hopefully he will know how to survive until the next Olympics,” added Taufik.

The gold medalist at the 2004 Athens Olympics will continue to monitor the progress of his team’s children from the results of the matches they take part in.

“Monitoring is in the group too, meaning monitoring their match yesterday, we’ve watched it too. And when the time comes, we want to convey it too,” he said.

In the future, Taufik will share more experiences with Ginting and Jonathan. He hopes that his input can help prepare the two athletes mentally for the biggest sporting event in the world.

“Maybe it’s more motivating, yes, if there’s a coach technically. If you train with a coach, then you’ll end up breaking the rules. So it’s more about mental, maybe it’s about experiences at the Olympics until you become champion, and the competition process up to qualifying, qualifying up to pre, and so on. what kind of Olympics,” Taufik explained.

“I mean, take the good ones, please take the bad ones and think they’re better, go ahead. After all, I don’t want to share it as a burden. Don’t share it in front of me, but your heart doesn’t enter it, it’s useless. It’s better to refuse and it’s not good like that. Because if It’s not open, it’s also difficult, do you want to have a psychologist or something, the problem comes back to whether the athlete wants it or not?”

“Yes, later we will open it and we will carry on as usual, just like having a normal chat. It doesn’t have to be the athlete asking or me asking. Come on, let’s work together. The goal is that we both want to become champions. What is missing and what can be done. We also don’t want to patronize them too,” he said.