Losari Beach is very suitable for tourists

The Best Facilities at Losari Beach for Tourists

History of Losari Beach: From Time to Time

Losari Beach, which is located in the heart of Makassar, South Sulawesi, is not only a stunning tourist spot, but also has a long history that is interesting to explore. This beach was originally known as a gathering place for local people, especially in the afternoon. In the past, Losari Beach was better known as “the longest stall in the world” because of the rows of food sellers who crowded the beach area every afternoon until evening.

In 1945, Losari Beach began to be known as one of the favorite recreation spots in Makassar. Over time, the city government saw the great potential of this beach and began carrying out various revitalization efforts. In the 1970s, Losari Beach experienced significant changes with the construction of various public facilities and open areas for the community. This development not only aims to attract tourists, but also to provide a comfortable recreational space for local residents.

The peak of Losari Beach’s transformation occurred in the early 2000s, where the beach area was revitalized to become more modern and neatly arranged. Now, Losari Beach is equipped with a beautiful platform, children’s play area and jogging area. Apart from that, there are also various iconic statues and a large inscription “Losari Beach” which is a favorite spot for visitors to take photos.

The history of Losari Beach not only reflects the physical development of this place, but also how this beach has been a silent witness to various important events in Makassar. From a simple relaxing place to a modern tourist icon, History of Losari Beach: From Time to Time shows how important this beach is to the identity of the city of Makassar. Losari Beach continues to develop and adapt, remaining a major destination for local and foreign tourists.

The beauty of the sunset at Losari Beach

The beauty of the sunset at Losari Beach is the main attraction that attracts thousands of tourists every day. When dusk falls, the sky above Losari Beach turns into a dazzling colorful canvas, with shades of orange, red and purple reflecting on the surface of the calm sea water.

Enjoying the sunset at Losari Beach is an experience that pampers the eyes and soothes the soul. Visitors usually arrive early to get the best place on the beach platform or on the chairs provided along the beach. While waiting for the sun to set, many enjoyed local snacks such as banana epe, a typical Makassar food served with liquid brown sugar.

When the sun begins to sink over the horizon, the atmosphere at Losari Beach turns romantic and magical. Many couples take advantage of this moment to take photos with a spectacular sunset as a background. The sound of crashing waves and gentle breeze adds to the peaceful impression, making everyone present feel relaxed and connected to nature.

Not only local tourists, foreign tourists are also fascinated by the beauty of the sunset at Losari Beach. This moment is often immortalized in photos shared on social media, making Losari Beach one of the most Instagrammable places in Makassar.

For many people, watching the sunset at Losari Beach is not just an ordinary tourist activity, but a ritual that offers tranquility and natural beauty that is hard to forget. With its extraordinary natural charm, Losari Beach continues to be a favorite destination to enjoy one of the best sunsets in Indonesia.

Exciting Activities that You Must Try at Losari Beach

Various activities can be enjoyed by visitors from various circles. Exciting Activities that You Must Try at Losari Beach will make your visit even more memorable and enjoyable.

Feel the Beauty

  1. Enjoy Sunrise and Sunset
    The beauty of the sunrise and sunset at Losari Beach is a sight not to be missed. With the sky changing color dramatically, this moment is the perfect time to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.
  2. Take a walk on the Losari Beach Platform
    The platforms built along the coast offer an ideal place for a leisurely stroll while enjoying the sea breeze. Here, you can also find iconic statues such as the “Toraja” and “Bugis-Makassar” statues.
  3. Cycling along the beach
    Losari Beach has a special path for cycling which makes it easy for visitors to enjoy the view while getting light exercise. Touring the beach on a rented bicycle is a fun way to explore the area.
  4. Taste Typical Makassar Culinary
    Around Losari Beach, there are many food vendors offering typical Makassar dishes such as banana epe, Makassar coto and grilled konro. Enjoying local culinary delights while enjoying sea views is an unforgettable experience.
  5. Water Sports
    For those looking for more challenging activities, Losari Beach also offers various water sports such as banana boats and jet skis. This activity provides an exciting sensation and high adrenaline rush, suitable for adventure seekers.
  6. Relax on the Beach
    With a large area and adequate facilities, relaxing by the beach while reading a book or simply enjoying the sea breeze is a popular choice. Many visitors bring mats and sit to enjoy the calm beach atmosphere.

Losari Beach offers various interesting activities that can be enjoyed by all groups. From stunning natural views to delicious culinary delights and exciting activities, every visitor is sure to find something they like. Exciting Activities You Must Try at Losari Beach will make your visit even more colorful and unforgettable.

Typical Makassar Culinary Around Losari Beach

Typical Makassar culinary delights around Losari Beach serve various delicious dishes that can pamper your taste buds after enjoying the beauty of the beach.

  1. Epe Banana
    Banana epe is one of the most famous snacks on Losari Beach. These flattened and grilled bananas are served drizzled with thick brown sugar sauce, creating an appetizing combination of sweet and savory flavors. Epe bananas are very suitable to be enjoyed while enjoying the beach breeze in the afternoon.
  2. Coto Makassar
    Not far from Losari Beach, you can find many stalls serving Makassar coto, a beef soup rich in spices. This dish is usually served with ketupat or buras (a type of lontong), making it perfect as a filling lunch option.
  3. Konro Bakar
    For meat fans, grilled konro is a must-try choice. Beef ribs grilled with typical Makassar spices offer a rich taste and tender texture. Enjoy this dish at restaurants around Losari Beach for an authentic culinary experience.
  4. Pallu Butung
    Pallu butung is a traditional dessert made from boiled bananas and served with a thick sweet coconut milk sauce. Usually added with red syrup, pallu butung provides a sweet and fresh taste that is suitable as a meal dessert.
  5. Green Banana Ice
    Green banana ice is a popular dessert in Makassar. Bananas wrapped in green flour dough are served with shaved ice, red syrup and sweet coconut milk sauce. The cool and sweet sensation is very refreshing, especially on hot days.

Exploring typical Makassar culinary delights around Losari Beach is an experience not to be missed. Every bite of these dishes not only pampers the taste buds, but also provides an insight into the rich culture and culinary traditions of Makassar. So, make sure you set aside time to taste various delicious foods when visiting Losari Beach.

Facilities and Accommodation at Losari Beach

Adequate facilities and accommodation for visitors. Facilities and accommodation at Losari Beach ensure a comfortable and enjoyable holiday experience for all groups.

Below are references to some of the facilities

  1. Losari Beach Platform
    One of the main facilities at Losari Beach is the platform that stretches along the beach. This platform not only provides a comfortable place to enjoy the sea view, but is also equipped with seating, a children’s play area and an iconic photo spot. Here, visitors can relax while enjoying the sea breeze and beautiful panorama.
  2. Place of Worship
    Around Losari Beach, there are various places of worship that are easily accessible to visitors. One of them is the magnificent Amirul Mukminin Mosque, often referred to as the Floating Mosque because of its location as if it were floating on water. This facility is very useful for tourists who want to carry out their worship comfortably.
  3. Restaurants and food stalls
    Various culinary choices are available around Losari Beach. Starting from local food stalls serving typical Makassar dishes to restaurants offering international menus, everything can be found easily. This restaurant provides a comfortable place to dine while enjoying the beach view.
  4. Hotels and accommodation
    For accommodation, Losari Beach is surrounded by a variety of hotels and accommodation options to suit various budgets. Starting from star hotels that offer complete facilities such as swimming pools and fitness centers, to guest houses that are more affordable but still comfortable. Some popular hotels in the area include Hotel Aryaduta Makassar and Swiss-Belhotel Makassar, both of which offer direct views of the beach.
  5. Transportation and Parking
    Transportation access to Losari Beach is very easy, with various public transportation options such as city transportation and online taxis. Apart from that, a large parking area is also available for visitors who bring private vehicles, ensuring comfort while traveling.

Facilities and accommodation at Losari Beach are designed to provide maximum comfort for tourists. With a variety of comfortable accommodation options and complete facilities, Losari Beach is an ideal tourist destination for family holidays, couples and solo travelers. Enjoy the beauty of the beach while experiencing the friendliness and comfort of the facilities available.